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My wife Vibha and I are pleased to introduce Floreo, our new company focused on developing learning modules for autism in virtual reality. 4 years ago we were thrust into the world of therapy intervention as we scrambled to help our child as best we could. Thanks to an incredible son, talented professionals, and resources that most people don’t have, we’ve seen the tremendous impact therapy can have. But it is out of reach for too many families. Meanwhile, over the past year, we’ve seen incredible advances in virtual reality technology both in the capabilities and the practical costs. Floreo, which means blossom in Latin, is a platform for a new kind of tool, designed by therapeutic professionals, built to be accessible for parents and therapists alike, and designed to be fun and engaging to get to the most out of the precious time we have to help our children in any way possible. We hope you connect with us through our website mailing list, Facebook and Twitter as we share periodically the progress we make in developing Floreo.