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This is Seth and he’s trying out virtual reality for the first time. Seth and many children like him embody the Latin meaning of Floreo– to blossom. Here at Floreo, we are building a virtual reality platform with lessons that can support established autism therapies. We hope to make the amazing benefits of traditional therapy accessible for everyone, especially children like Seth.

A boy named Seth tries out the Floreo application for the first time.

This past weekend we showcased our prototype at Immersed 2016, a small immersive technology conference in Toronto. We picked this conference in particular as the place to take some of the wraps off of Floreo because of its location at the Ontario Science Centre. It was an unique opportunity to showcase our startup to the public, alongside the regular exhibits at the science museum for four days. We got the chance to talk to many families and teachers and have hundreds of kids try out our prototype. Invaluable experience when you are a small startup.

Seth and his beautiful family were some of those visitors who stopped by on Sunday. Seth could not hold the headset so his parents held it up for him and asked if he wanted to try. He nodded ever so slightly yes. And then they put it on. He mustered enough neck strength from his wheelchair to try it for 5 seconds before we had to take it off. And then he cracked a great smile. It made our whole trip worthwhile.

We’re building something special and we’d like you to be a part of it. We encourage you to like our page, Floreo on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter at FloreoTech. Check out the rest of this website and sign up for our mailing list for updates. If you know families that have a child on the autism spectrum, please let them know about us and encourage them to sign up for our mailing list. We’ll be recruiting families to help with trialling the app over the coming months.