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We shared our great funding news from both venture investors and an NIH grant with the Washington Business Journal and they wrote the following story:


The story is thorough and well done. It is behind a paywall, so we wanted to excerpt one key part which reiterates our commitment to building a body of evidence that our therapy approach will be helpful to families and why our partnership with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center for Autism Research is so important:

The company is piloting the platform with several partners and expects to launch its first product within the next 12 to 18 months — only after it has gathered enough proper scientific data behind it, Ravindran said.

Part of properly gathering that data includes working with experts at partners like CHOP, and hiring its own experts such as Chief Medical Officer and neurodevelopmental pediatrician Dr. Sinan Turnacioglu, who was formerly at Children’s National Health System in Northwest D.C.

“We’re taking it slow,” Ravindran said. “As parents of a child on the spectrum, we’ve been bombarded by junk apps and phony programs for the five years we’ve been in the community. So it’s very important to us that we do this the right way.”

Ravindran said the company linked up with CHOP as a partner last November after showing a prototype to experts at the Center for Autism Research there. In September, that partnership earned the Small Business Technology Transfer fast-track grant from NIH for phase 1 and phase 2 research. They will use the funding to test the effectiveness of Floreo’s virtual reality platform in helping adolescents and adults with autism more safely interact with police officers.