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On December 5, our Chief Medical Officer Sinan Turnacioglu presented the results of our first joint attention pilot with Celebrate the Children at the Digital Medicine Conference, the first ever multi-stakeholder meeting on the scientific evidence for digital innovation. The conference was sponsored by NODEHealth, an organization whose mission is to be an academic home for evidence in digital medicine.

Floreo’s abstract was selected for presentation from nearly 100 submissions, based on criteria of rigor and adherence to evidence-based digital medicine. At the conference, Dr. Turnacioglu presented the pilot’s problem scope: finding new ways to provide support for individuals affected by social communication challenges. He also described Floreo’s team and long-term vision. Finally, he reviewed the results of the pilot intervention:

  • 98 percent of all the VR sessions were completed by participants
  • 10 of 12 participants showed improvements in key joint attention skills after completing the intervention

Floreo’s pilot abstract was very well-received at the conference, receiving second place in the awards ceremony closing out the meeting.

You can view the full presentation here: