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At Floreo, we are passionate about advocating for individuals in the ASD community. We feel that one of the most important ways to help individuals with ASD is to put our money with our mouth is and collaborate with companies who hire neurologically diverse individuals.

To that end, we are proud of our relationship with Ultra Testing, a company that provides high-quality software testing services through exceptional teams that include individuals on the Autism Spectrum. As a software start-up, one of our most common tasks is to test our product before we release it to the public. In addition to our own in-house testing, we often work with outside companies to give us a different perspective on our tools; this helps keep us from becoming from complacent with our own work and makes sure we don’t overlook issues in our app. We hired Ultra Testing to perform testing on some upcoming releases.

The team at Ultra was invaluable in sharing their VR expertise and the perspective of individual testers on the spectrum. Their insight and feedback brought to light some issues in our app we hadn’t considered. For example, when the testing team didn’t have clear direction from a learning module on what should happen in a certain scenario, they reported what they expected to happen and how their experience differed from that, allowing us to see our app from the point of view of our target audience.

Having Ultra do thorough testing lets us keep moving fast as we continue to grow our content, but with more confidence that we are delivering the right experience. We are looking forward to our on-going relationship with Ultra Testing!