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We have been thrilled to hear positive feedback from beta users who are trying out Floreo while it is still in development (Want to try it out for free before our official launch? Download it here!). One of our users, Ada, shared her story with us.

Ada’s son Ethan is 9 years old. He was diagnosed with ASD at 20 months old and also has an ADHD diagnosis. Ethan has a variety of interests including drawing, Legos (he can do 3000+ piece sets with no assistance!), and the different phonics from many languages. He has some trouble communicating with people despite his mastery of phonics, especially with initiating conversation, but it is clear to Ada that he wants to express his opinions and she has tried to find ways to help facilitate his progress.

Like many individuals with ASD, Ethan is also hyper-sensitive to change and surprises. Ethan struggled with the surprise fire drills at his school. Since it would be difficult to recreate the environment to practice the fire drill experience at home, Ada went looking for other options to find ways to help him prevent anxiety and avoid meltdowns. She searched “many ASD meltdown handling methods, such as social story, video modelling, and audio modelling.” During her many searches, she discovered VR intervention, which she learned can provide a safe, repeatable environment perfect for practicing different skills.

Ada thought Floreo seemed like a good way for Ethan to practice social and communication skills, so she downloaded the app to her iPhone and iPad and purchased an affordable VR headset. She says that while Ethan was nervous at first since the headset and VR experience were a new sensation for him, he was able to calm down and enjoyed several of the learning modules, especially the joint attention and imitation trainings.

Ada found the Floreo staff very helpful in answering her questions to get started. Contact us at with your questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you Ada and Ethan for sharing your wonderful feedback and great videos of Floreo in action!