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Floreo was founded by parents of a child on the autism spectrum. We think it is important that parents who are considering Floreo know this: our founders have been in your shoes. They too know what it feels like to receive a diagnosis of autism and wonder how they can best help their child improve his quality of life. It can be overwhelming to consider all of the different options you have available to facilitate learning, especially given the unique situations facing each individual.

So far, we have focused on creating three different types of lessons: building social connections, managing real-life interactions, and strengthening calming techniques. These are all situations that are typically challenging for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Floreo’s series of lessons for building social connections include our Joint Attention, Imitation, and Gestures learning cards.

During our Joint Attention lessons, the Learner spends time interacting with our virtual therapist, Emma, and several animals in a safari park. These lessons provide the Learner with practice shifting their eye gaze to obtain a goal (for example, the Learner uses their gaze to find the animal that made a particular noise).

Our Imitation lessons are based on proven ABA therapy techniques. The Learner interacts with an avatar that may be of similar age. The goal is for the Learner to imitate the actions as modeled by the avatar and then perform actions which the avatar imitates. Imitation is an important skill as it plays a huge role in communication, play, and social and cognitive development.

Floreo’s Gestures lessons are structured around a fun narrative set on a playground that helps the Learner work on nonverbal communication. The goal is for the Learner to respond to and use a set of gestures during interaction with the avatar children and therapist.

Our team knows first-hand how difficult it can be to find affordable and accessible autism services. That’s why we have launched Floreo at a budget-friendly price point on a mobile platform (currently only iOS devices are compatible with our app). Our lessons are an accessible supplement to other traditional therapy options available; Floreo can be used anywhere you have your equipment (iPad, iPhone, VR headset) and a wifi connection.

We are always looking for ideas for new lessons. If you have a suggestion, we would love to hear from you! Email your suggestions to If you are ready to get started with Floreo, make sure you have your iPad, iPhone, and VR headset ready and then download our app today.