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Floreo’s Virtual Reality lessons can be a great supplemental therapy tool. Our VR experience provides a safe, repeatable environment that is excellent for role-playing. VR provides the opportunity for a Learner to practice skills in a real-life context.

Our lessons designed around managing real-life interactions include our Police Safety Module and Crosswalk learning cards. Upcoming cards include School Hallway, using public transit, and Small Talk.

These lessons were created to help Learners manage unplanned situations, which can often be stressful or tense. We know that these situations are top of mind for many parents, especially in the case of interacting with an authority figure like a police officer.

Our Police Safety lessons are structured around an interaction with a police officer. We know that many families and healthcare providers stress the importance of memorizing facts such as the Learner’s address in the event that they need to share that information during an interaction with a police officer. However, it may be difficult for the Learner to understand when it is an appropriate time to provide that information.

Our VR environment provides the opportunity for the individual to learn when they might need to respond to an authority figure. By participating in a Floreo lesson, the Learner is learning during the experience instead of discussing it after the fact when it might not make as much sense. We also make it possible to change the dialogue and environment (adding in more distractions) as the Learner improves. Practicing these situations may make it possible for the Learner to de-escalate a tense situation should one occur.

Floreo’s Crosswalk learning cards are designed around learning and practicing a routine at a lighted crosswalk to know when it is safe to cross the road. These lessons get increasingly more distracting with the addition of traffic, moving vehicles that don’t always obey the light, and a jaywalker who does not follow the appropriate routine to cross the road. These lessons help teach some of the unwritten rules of the world which can be difficult to understand for many individuals on the autism spectrum.

Our team knows first-hand how difficult it can be to find affordable and accessible autism services. That’s why we have launched Floreo at a budget-friendly price point on a mobile platform (currently only iOS devices are compatible with our app). Our lessons are an accessible supplement to other traditional therapy options available; Floreo can be used anywhere you have your equipment (iPad, iPhone, VR headset) and a wifi connection.

We are always looking for ideas for new lessons. If you have a suggestion, we would love to hear from you! Email your suggestions to If you are ready to get started with Floreo, make sure you have your iPad, iPhone, and VR headset ready and then download our app today.