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We think it is important for everyone to practice mindfulness, whether they are on the spectrum or not! Our sensory experiences are designed to promote calming and mindfulness.

We created these lesson cards with the idea that they could be used as a mobile sensory room. Since Floreo is used with an iPad, iPhone, and VR headset, the VR experience can travel with the Learner to any environment that has the potential to be stressful (for example, a doctor’s office).

Our Xylophone was the first Floreo lesson we created! It is simple but very popular with Learners. The Learner has complete control of the environment by activating the keys with his gaze. It is fun for the Learner to decide whether to go fast or slow, and is also a great introduction to VR for those who might be hesitant to try it. The simplicity of this lesson helps the Learner understand how VR works before trying some of the more complex lessons.

The Aquarium environment (available with or without fish) is a calm place with plants and gentle bubbles. The Learner can experience the 360 degree views by looking up toward the surface of the water and down to the sandy floor.

Floreo’s Breathing Train helps to promote calming. The Coach who is supervising the lesson takes the Learner through a series of mindfulness steps in order to focus on deep, calming breathing. Throughout the lesson, the Coach checks to make sure the Learner is breathing deeply and once all steps are complete, as a reward, the life-size train set begins to move around the track. There’s also a passive version where the Learner can just experience the train station and the trains without the breathing exercise.

Our team knows first-hand how difficult it can be to find affordable and accessible autism services. That’s why we have launched Floreo at a budget-friendly price point on a mobile platform (currently only iOS devices are compatible with our app). Our lessons are an accessible supplement to other traditional therapy options available; Floreo can be used anywhere you have your equipment (iPad, iPhone, VR headset) and a wifi connection.

We are always looking for ideas for new lessons. If you have a suggestion, we would love to hear from you! Email your suggestions to If you are ready to get started with Floreo, make sure you have your iPad, iPhone, and VR headset ready and then download our app today.