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Floreo’s Chief Technology Officer, Ali Mooeny, MD, PhD had the opportunity to present Floreo to the Virtual and Augmented Reality Scientific Interest Group (VARIG) at NIH. VARIG meets monthly and the meeting topics alternate between the various aspects of VAR such as hardware, software, experiences and development. Audience members from different institutes of NIH attended, including representatives from: NINDS (National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke), NICHD (National Institutes for Child Health and Human Development), NLM (National Library of Medicine), NIH Library and more!

Ali talked about the history of Floreo, Floreo’s approach to the use of VR in delivering education and treatment, and demoed and discussed a selection of our VR learning content. An extended Q&A session took place after the presentation.

Does your organization want to see Floreo in action? If you are in the Washington DC area, we may be able to present Floreo live to your audience. If you aren’t local, we can set up a live video demonstration for you! Contact us to set up a time.