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We are excited to share that we just released two new learning modules! The lessons in these modules are the first to be released in our series of our school-based lessons. Keep up with your Learner’s classroom social skills over summer break with these fun and engaging new lessons.

Social Sense in the Hallway: Centered around an interaction with a peer avatar in a school hallway, this lesson gives the Learner the opportunity to practice an initial greeting that may or may not be friendly. We plan to develop dozens more hallway interactions over the summer so please send feedback on the first three we have now.

Social Sense in the Classroom: the Learner interacts with peers and a teacher in a Classroom setting. The Learner can practice important social classroom skills such as raising his/her hand, taking turns, and interacting with the teacher and classmates in a way that they might expect. Similar to Social Sense in the Hallway, we plan to develop dozens more interactions based on this initial set.

Do you have ideas for new lessons we should be developing? Please share them with us! Your feedback helps us to make Floreo even better.