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As families, educators, and therapy practices continue to respond to the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 public healthy emergency around the world, you may be looking for new approaches to continue practice of behavioral, communication, and life skills. Floreo is proud to provide a solution for teletherapy and remote learning instances.

While both devices needed to use Floreo do still need to be connected to WiFi, the Coach and Learner do not need to be in the same physical location. The Coach runs the lesson via the iPad in their location while the Learner experiences Floreo’s immersive VR lessons using their iPhone and mobile VR headset in their location.

Virtual reality provides a platform for practicing these difficult-to-teach skills while also allowing for social distancing. As you continue to adjust your classroom or practice for remote learning or teletherapy, we would love to be part of that conversation! Please email us at to discuss how we can support your implementation of Floreo!