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We have had some exciting new developments as we come to the end of the summer: a new partnership to develop ADHD content, the publication of more of our research, the release of a new sensory space, and new school district and clinic customers. Read more about what we’ve been up to in this month’s newsletter.

New Sensory Space: Snowfall
Who it is for:
Learners of all ages
What’s new: As part of our Emotional Regulation modules, our sensory spaces are designed to provide a “mobile sensory room” experience. Some Learners might need a calming space where they can decompress or reduce some of their energy level while other Learners might need a space which will help them become more alert when feeling “low energy.” These spaces “transport” the Learner to a space that supports this type of regulation. The newest in the Emotional Regulation series is Snowfall. It provides the Learner a relaxing spot to simply enjoy a peaceful snowfall. Chill out in the snow during the last hot days of the summer!
Consider pairing it with: any number of snowfall meditations that can be found online, or consider using it as a reward for participating in one of the Building Social Connections or Teaching Stories lessons. It could also be used as a descriptive language development exercise.

If you have Floreo rental equipment, please be sure to turn on your devices, make sure they are charged and connected to WiFi so we can push the update to you. If you have your own devices, make sure to visit the iOS app store with both of your devices to ensure you have the latest update!

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