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Virtual trick-or-treating with Floreo!

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween with your Floreo Learner? In most locations across the U.S. this year, trick-or-treating at neighborhood houses will be out of the question, but if you are looking for a substitute, Floreo may be the answer. The Floreo...

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Help us name our new character!

There’s a new kid in town! She is from Cleveland, loves studying bugs and reptiles. Her favorite class is biology and she wants to be a wildlife biologist when she grows up. What should we name her? Let us know what you think and if we choose your suggestion, we will...

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New lesson: Why do we need to wear a mask?

New Teaching Story! Public Health: Why do we wear masks? Who it is for: Learners of all ages What's new: During this lesson, we give the Learner a visual representation of the droplets that are released when a person speaks, coughs, sings, or yells to show the Learner...

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Floreo announces new research partnership

We are excited to announce we are expanding our scope of lessons. Our new research partnership with the National Human Genome Research Institute will focus on ADHD Virtual Reality Cognitive Therapy. We have entered into a collaborative research and development...

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New street crossing lessons are available!

We've had an exciting July! We hosted our inaugural Camp Floreo experience, released new street crossing lessons and more! Check out what else we've been up to in our latest newsletter.. Brand new Street Crossing lessons! Who it is for: Learners of all ages What's...

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