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Understanding the breadth of ASD experiences and the environments in which relevant therapies must be provided and funded, Floreo developed its technologies to maximize flexibility in therapy administration – whether in person or via videoconference, by parent or by therapist, by speech language pathologist, BCBA or psychologist, delivered as home and community based service or as assistive technology.

Rita Solórzano, MA, CCC-SLP

Rita Solórzano, MA, CCC-SLP

Director of Therapy Content

Floreo also provides direct service teletherapy under the direction of Rita Solórzano, MA CCC-SLP.

Ms. Solórzano is deeply committed to matching high quality clinical care with custom-fitted, “state-of-the-heart” interactions.  She particularly enjoys learning from each client and each family. Working as a Speech Language Pathologist since 1993 and working in special education since 1988, Rita has designed and delivered effective speech, language, literacy and social communication therapies for students and clients between the ages of 2 and 22. She has worked extensively with students with autism in a variety of settings including: private practices, special education schools, residential settings, regular education schools, Head Start programs, and a hospital diagnostic clinic. Throughout her career, she has been a participant in and witness to the evolving role of technology in creating therapies to address developmental issues. As Director of Therapy Content for Floreo Technology, she creates and oversees the development of virtual reality experiences to address social communication and sensory needs In her off-time, she cycles, plays guitar and ukulele and practices and teaches T’ai chi. She has co-authored a book on the use of T’ai chi principles to navigate challenging social situations.


1992:  MA,Speech Language Pathology, University of Maryland

1988:  BA, Linguistics, SUNY Stony Brook

Floreo can provide therapy under reciprocal licensure in certain states.  Floreo will expand staffing in the near future to include reciprocally licensed BCBAs and psychologists.

Therapeutic Model Embraces a Holistic, Family-centric Approach

Parent driven care

  • Floreo licensed professionals will design an individualized program to meet the unique needs and goals of the family to improve a Learner’s social, safety or life skills. Services include assessment, development of individualized treatment plan, training of family and Learner on the FloreoVR platform, teletherapy sessions and periodic check ins and real time progress reports. 

Therapist driven care

  • Floreo licensed professionals will provide individualized teletherapy sessions. Available in states where Floreo professionals are licensed (currently Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia) or able to provide services through reciprocity. Individualized treatment planning updated regularly based upon real time data reports from Floreo VR.